'Ere we go!

Hey folks,

this is my first blog post ever, so let's get the official stuff out of the way.

What is this Blog about?
  • It's about painting Miniatures, really. I guess you have heard of Tale of Painters or Massive Voodoo and the likes before, right? That's what I will try to aspire to. Put some of my painted minis out there, tell you how they were done, give you WIP shots of them and add the occasional painting article.
  • There will be times, when it is not about painting but rather more of an editorial. Those times when I feel like I need to talk about stuff like my approach to the hobby, some literature, hell, maybe some music and movies, that might inspire the painter in you.
  • Lastly, maybe there might be guest posts. Maybe. Depends on how this site will develop. 
Who are you?
  • Besides the little snippet of information you can glean from the about me section, I'll let you in on some more stuff about me (I mean, come on, this is my blog, so self-indulgence is a given). I'm a painter in my early 30s, who studied some really weird stuff, ended up a PR professional and am living the dream right now. Well, not really. But I've been a hobbyist for more than 15 years, started out with 2nd edition 40k and have been in love with the Grimdark ever since. Back then I painted space wolves in all those garish colours that 90s codices suggested. When I left my parents' home for service in the army and then university, my brushes went on a brief hiatus. I missed out on the entirety of 3rd ed and rejoined the hobby with 4th. By then my taste in minis, design and fluff had changed. I went for Tau and Ultramarines, even Orks with the Assault on Black Reach boxset. There's High Elves, Orcs and Goblins, a Mordheim Witchhunters war band and more in my drawers. I also learned a hell of a lot painting wise, participated in Golden Demons and local competitions (no, I don't own a Demon of any kind). What else can I tell you? After having amassed a backlog of epic proportions I decided that it is about high time to reduce the pile of shame. Hence the title of this post - 'ere we go.
If you have a painting blog, where's the painted stuff?
Right you are, so let's end this text desert with some pictures:

warrior priest of sigmar two hammers
This was my first GD entry in '08

forgeworld warhammer 40k ultramarine venerable dreadnought cybot

forgeworld warhammer 40k ultramarine venerable dreadnought cybot
 The Ultramarine Dreadnought was painted for the GD in '10

warhammer fantasy troll with hammer for orcs and goblins

warhammer fantasy troll with hammer for orcs and goblins
The Troll was my second entry in '08

I hope, some of you enjoyed this first post. If there's any comments or questions, please let me know. 


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