USAriadna Army Pack Preview!

Hey folks, there's some great news coming out today - no, I'm not talking about Age of Sigmar! Corvus Belli and Beasts of War have released a preview video for Infinity's USAriadna force.

As some of you might know, I've been waiting for this release for quite some time. And boy, does the preview deliver. In case you haven't seen the video yet - here it is:

And here's the screenshots of what is gonna be released and available for preorder on monday:

The army pack, which seems to contain markers, custom dice, a quick start guide for a Ranger force, paper terrain and all the new minis to get you started with USAriadna.

The grunts, basically the cheerleaders of the sectorial, with a sweet and contemporary military look.

The Marauder, with somewhat bulkier armour.

A new sculpt for the Foxtrot Ranger.

Some Dog-Warriors, aptly named Devil Dogs, which are, to no surprise, members of the USAriadna Marine Corps.

Another resculpt - the 5th Minutemen.

The new motorised recon unit - the Maverick.

Then there's the Navajo Outpost pack - a new variation on the Icestorm Moto.tronica terrain.

And of course, Corvus Belli wouldn't be Corvus Belli, if they wouldn't offer a nice incentive for preorders. The army pack will include a dismounted version of the Maverick biker girl for all preorders.

I'm totally psyched for this box - lots of nice minis, lots of cool contemporary-looking troops. I think I've gotta get one. Will you?


  1. I've been drooling over those since I saw them at BoW, gorgeous models. The large boxset with the gaming mat, terrain and the book, although shiny, is a bit too expensive for me, tho.
    I'm hoping there'll be an option to pick up the army box and the preorder mini only, since 90 euros is a lot, especially since I won't be using the gaming mat and terrain, and don't really care that much about the book.
    I'll be getting the box, tho. No doubt. :)

    1. Totally get that. I'm currently pondering if I should rather get those on their own. I'm not so keen on the bike, but love the infantry models.

      The release unfortunately coincides with my vacation plans and budget, making this decision harder than it would usually be. :)