Eye Candy - 40k Tau Stealth Suits

Sorry, this is not the 2nd part of the How-to yet...you just got to wait a little longer. It will be released this week, though. The write-up just takes some time. But this blog needs more pictures, that's for sure. So without further ado: 
Tau stealth suits from warhammer 40k
Tau Stealth Suits
These are my stealth suits for my small Tau army I am painting right now (about 1000 pts). Really enjoyed painting these guys. Nice options for poses, nice sculpts. For colours I went all urban camo and added Sa'cea markings by hand. Loved working on them and love the idea of real stealth in 40k.

I hope you like the minis. If you do, if you don't or if you got any other kind of response, let me know in the comments below. 


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