Imotekh the Stormlord - a Necron Overlord

Wh40k Necron Lord

Hey fellas,

sorry that there was no blogpost this week. I finally managed to take a decent pic of an older project of mine. With the release of the last Necron codex, I took part in my local GW's painting competition for the new Necron characters. It was my first go at a Finecast mini and my first time painting a Necron. 

While the Finecast didn't do much to impress me, because the casting during the early stages was somewhat wonky, I liked the pose of the Stormlord. He also presented me with a load of opportunities for neat little lighting effects. I placed 1st in the competition, which won me a monolith. :) To my surprise I found painting Necrons to be pretty enjoyable, thus I am working on another How To article (with more detailed pictures this time) for some deathmarks I am painting for a friend. So stay tuned for that and hopefully some more posts this week.

Necron Lord Imotekh Wh40k 40k
The Stormlord beckons!
In case you feel like it, you can also vote for the mini on CMON

Hope you like this Necron Overlord. 


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