Battle Report: PanOceania vs Ariadna

I've recently joined an Infinity Escalation League, to get some more playing experience. We decided to do BatReps for our games to show all the group's players what's been going on. So here it is - the BatRep for my first game: My PanOceania vs Ariadna.

As a preface, you should know that we are playing according to the ITS Escalation League rules provided by Corvus Belli. Those dictate point limits and amount of rules used in the game. For the first round, both sides are supposed to play with 120 points each. Additionally, no advanced rules like Hacking, Terrain or Command Tokens are employed, nor will each side have a lieutenant in their list.

My list: 
1 Fusilier
1 Fusilier Paramedic
1 Father-Knight w/ Boarding Shotgun
1 Hexa w/ Combi Rifle
1 Nisse w/ Combi Rifle

My opponent used the following list:
1 112
2 Volunteers with Rifles
1 Dog-Warrior
1 Highlander with Boarding Shotgun
1 Foxtrot Ranger with Boarding Shotgun
1 Spetsnaz with Boarding Shotgun

(at least I think that should be the list)
The game itself was fairly short - so I'll not go into all that much detail. Ariadna had first turn, I deployed first.

Turn 1
I'm appalled by the amount of camo tokens on the other side of the table. What I can see though, is a Dog-Face heading towards me, as well as some sword-wielding Caledonian. Another camo token is also on the move. The Dog-Face gets shot by my Nisse on ARO - and gets closer.

Once it's my turn, I have the Nisse shoot again at that Dog-Face, only to realise, that this might have gotten me into trouble! The guy goes down, only to be replaced by a freaking giant werewolf. My Hexa opens fire, too, only causes one wound and misses the second shot. The beast seems rather unfazed by this. I'm already in Shia LeBoeuf-mode (Nonononononononononono!).

The rest of my troops is advancing cautiously, the Father-Knight being the spearhead of my slow push forward.

Turn 2
The wolf is coming, no doubt about that. After swiftly killing the Nisse, it also takes down the Hexa, because I really suck at rolling dice. 

The Wolf is coming for little Red Riding Hood!

Meanwhile, the crazed Highlander guy with the sword charges the Father-Knight. I'm all "Bring it on! You're going down!" and with a fell swoop of his trusty blade, the Knight chops the poor Highlander to pieces.

After losing my entire right flank, I bask in the glory of this little victory. But only to see how some camo token edges around the corner. My knight delays, with a Shotgun-toting Foxtrot Ranger showing up in my face and shooting at me. Now, this is the part, where I started to play badly. I don't care about the dodge, I want this guy dead. How dare he show up in my face, with no armour and a measly shotgun and threaten the mighty Father-Knight? Well, to cut that embarrassing story short: the guy shot me - shot me dead. I failed my armour rolls and that's the end of him.

In my turn I'm down to two Fusiliers - way to go. There's a huge werewolf coming closer from the right and some crazy hillbilly with a shotgun heading in from my left side. As in every good horror movie, my two guys decide that it might be better to split up. A lone fusilier heads to the right, aims at the prowling wolf and opens fire. BAM! BAM! BAM! - One hit! ... and two misses. I'm sure the Fusilier would've paled, if he could. The werewolf is still standing and he's out for blood. I shoot again and miss all 3. I'm sure, that miniature is visibly shaking now, knowing what's about to happen soon.

Turn 3
The Foxtrot Ranger, no longer caring about hiding in shadows, rushes on and kills the Fusilier medic. The poor woman was still trying to make heads and toes of how this entire day went from sunny to blood-soaked. (I failed my ARO shot - again, in case you were wondering.) 

The courageous Ariadna soldiers than came up with their most shameful move: Why move the Dog-Warrior and give me the chance to ARO when you can also valiantly shoot the last fusilier in the back? Ka-Blam! The last survivor only felt searing-hot pain in his back, while he was still staring at the monster in front of him. Then everything went black.

The Result
I guess I need to face that, right? 

It was a 10:0 baby-seal-clubbing-vicotry for Ariadna.

I guess I should've dodged more than shot back in ARO, this might have prolonged the lives of my soldiers. But after my first hits against the Dog-Face my luck had left me. I failed almost every single dice roll I had to make. Even my opponent couldn't help but notice and tell me how sorry he was to have curb-stomped me so bad.

Ah, well, to tell the truth: the game was a lot of fun. I've never been much of a competitive player, always enjoying the company and game itself more than winning or losing. And good times were had. Paul was also a very nice and fair opponent, explaining and helping out with advice over the course of the game. So, I'd gladly play him again - hopefully with better luck next time!

P.S.: I also hope to write better BatReps in the future - with better pictures, too! Hope you still liked this one. Let me know in the comments below! 

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