Data Sphere Painting Competition Q2: The Winners

Do you guys remember the painting competition on Data Sphere, that I painted the Infinity Bounty Hunter for? The results and therefore the winners are finally in. I actually was among the top 3, but I'd like to take some time to show you the other two winners here.

The summer painting competition was a bit of an awkward beast, really. With lots of great entries, in the end there two painters in the lead. They ended up tied for first place - IbanezMark and Maxvon_D. Here are their entries:

Maxvon_D painted this jawdroppingly awesome Ajax. Ever since he posted the pics of that bad boy I was certain that I'd stand little chance in this competition. He's done a wonderful job with lots of smooth blendings, an interesting colour palette and minute details. Just look at the hammer...I was stunned. His other Aleph minis are a joy to behold as well, just look for him on the official Infinity forums.

IbanezMark is the painter of this awesome Yu Jing Hac Tao. I know from experience, how tricky black armour can be. I like his colour palette a lot, the orange and teal is always a good combination. The freehands are cleanly painted (have you seen that tiny tiny symbol on his shoulder?). Additionally he took the time to strike at PanO players with his base decoration. Overall, the very clean painting style impressed the hell out of me.

So, I tip my hat to these first class painters. Stunning work!

As I mentioned above, I also made my way to the top. Data Sphere decided, that with two 1st places and due to limited prize support, there would only be a third place left. And that's where I placed. I'm incredibly happy with that fact and am honoured to rank among these fine artists. Most of you will probably have seen my Bounty Hunter by now. But here it is one more time for completion's sake.

In case you are wondering about a Q3 competition - it is already running. There's still time for you to take a "before" picture and post it here. This quarter's theme is Specialists.

As with last quarter and the Bounty Hunter, I'll do a series of articles for my entry. So stay tuned.


  1. Really love the dynamism of the hammer fellow. That is such a beautiful sculpt with an amazing artist work completely maximizing it.

    1. Absolutely, it's a beautiful sculpt and the great paintjob breathes some life into it, making it a fantastic entry and well deserved 1st place.

  2. 3 stunning entries, that's certain. Congrats on placing Kenza, the bounty hunter is a very good looking model.

    1. Thank you very much - I like the design of the ABH a lot, my only nitpick with it is the static pose. Some more dynamism and it would be even cooler.