Infinity October New Releases

After my absence for the past few months, Infinity Release posts are also back. Corvus Belli showed some incredible new stuff - if you're a TAG lover, there's no way around these news!

Let's start off with the big two, although it might be almost big three, as you'll see. PanOceania and Yu Jing received new TAGs. The PanOceania Seraph is the first of the by now almost infamous Stingray-Series of TAGs, that players have been clamouring for for quite a while now.

Then there's Yu Jing's Guija. It's a resculpt of one of the game's oldest TAGs. Similar to PanO's Squalo, the update is a more than welcome change in design. Behold that beauty made of pure awesome:

So, I mentioned, that there might be a third big model. Haqqislam players get a new Azra'il with HMG. AS if the TAGs weren't enough, CB seemed to think October was the month to blow our collective socks off. That one is a beast - I'm really struggling to keep myself from wanting to start more and more factions.

Ever since this year's GenCon, Corvus Belli has released more and more USAriadna miniatures. This month we get the promised non-limited version of Van Zant. The new version stays true to the "Reign of Fire" homage, with axe and all. Although I gotta admit, that I like Rifle-Van Zant a little bit better.

Last release for October is the Dactyl Doctor for Aleph. I gotta be honest: Going by Mayacast's scale of judging minis, this is merely a 3 out of 5 for me. I'm usually a big fan of Aleph sculpts, but especially compared to the rest of the line-up, this one is more of a standard sculpt for CB. Not bad, though, just not with as much gravitas as the other releases.

Still, October was helluva lot impressive. The release of the Seraph has me anxiously waiting for the rest of the Stingrays - the Uhlan and the Tikbalang. I really hope to see some more TAGs on gaming tables, as of now, they seem to remain a rarity. And looking at the bunch of new Haqq minis released, I think, I need to get my hands on one of these Azra'il, just to paint one up.

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