How to paint Necron Deathmarks - Part II

Hello all,

sorry that it's taken a while, work and health issues have kept me from finishing the Deathmarks as fast as I'd hoped. So let's get to the good stuff...there's no need for more "the story so far" moments. 

Highlighting Step 1:
The first step is really simple. I touched up all of the higher areas of the 'crons along with all ridges and edges. The first highlighting step is always about reclaiming areas that have gotten too dark a shade during the earlier steps.

  • Silver Metals: Games Workshop (GW) Boltgun Metal mixed with a slight bit of GW Chainmail and GW Astartes Battlegrey, the ratio used was about 80/10/10. I used the grey to dull the metall a bit, in order to not bling the Deathmarks up too much.
  • Gold Metals: GW Dwarfen Bronze in a 50/50 ratio with GW Burnished Gold, used primarily to paint the symbol in the midst of the ribcage.
  • Black armour: P3 Coal Black mixed with GW Astartes Battlegrey and a hint of P3 Frostbite along the edges of the black armour plates will do the trick to give them the look of a stony plating.
Yes, the mini could be done at this point...

Highlighting Step 2:
I admit, after step 1 you can barely tell the difference, still for most tabletop standard painted minis, you will be set and done. Now, step 2 is where Highlighting will become more obvious. 
  • Silver Metals: GW Chainmail and Boltgun Metal in a reverse mix, 70% of the former, 30% of the latter on most edges and higher oriented parts of the mini will result in a gleaming Necron warrior.
  • Gold Metals: Mix GW Shining Gold with a hint of Mithril silver and carefully place dots of this mix on the ends of the Necron symbol. The gold metals are done at this point.
  • Black armour: Use the mix from step 1, but add more P3 Frostbite, then sparingly use it at the corners of the plating and at the highest curving edge of the shoulder guards.

As you can see in the pictures, I've also started to prepare the areas where I'll add a glow or OSL effect later on. This special effect will be a separate article from this How-To, where you can find all the techniques and colours needed.

Highlighting Step 3:
With this step, these Necrons will start to look a lot more like a finished mini. 
  • Silver Metals: GW Chainmail with the slightest hint of GW Mithril Silver was used to finish the highlights. Use it on the head, arms and fingers and on some edges of the joints.
  • Black armour: As before, add the tiniest bit of Frosbite and use the resulting mix on the shoulder guard edges. Basically, follow step 2, but use this colour on smaller parts of the black and only on the shoulder guards.

Now, because the fellas seemed to be a bit too shiny, I took some watered down Badab Black and washed the mini with it again. The mix was diluted to a 20% colour and 80% water ratio, so the highlights won't be too toned down.

With these steps completed, only the lighting effects and the bases remain to be finished. So stay tuned until I'll return for the third and final part of the How To. Can't wait to see them finished myself. 

You got questions, comments or critique? Let me know in the comments below.


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