Data Sphere Painting Competition: Part 2

Hello everyone. During the weekend I found some time to continue working on my entry in Data Sphere's painting competition. As you might have seen in Part 1, I'm currently painting the Authorized Bounty Hunter limited edition model.

After last time's slight problems with airbrush sputter, that left me with this:

I managed to fix the results, smooth everything over and have the armour almost done. So these are steps I completed the last couple of days:

I sprayed it again with the basecoat from last time, P3 Greatcoat Grey and GW Mechanicum Standard Grey, but left the highlights in place. I then started washing the whole mini with some GW Badab Black and P3 Exile Blue. I repeated that step 2 more times and helped smooth any leftover problems from the damn sputter. :)

Then onto the highlights - I started off with 80% Mechanicum Standard Grey, 20% Greatcoat Grey. It turned out that some of the armour scales on the arms and legs weren't all that detailed in parts. I had to basically "paint" them on. 

To define the raised areas even more, I added GW Ulthuan Grey to the former mix and after that some pure White. 

And to pull all the colours together, I made two glazes out of Exile Blue and some mixing medium and Greatcoat Grey and Mixing Medium. I only left the uppermost areas and edges untouched by this.

The end result looked like this: 


Wanna join the painting fun and friendly competition? Here's the link to all the rules and how to join: This is where the fun begins

Comments and critique are as always more than welcome. :)

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