Space Marines vs Tau - Back to 40K for a bit

Hey folks, in case some of you might miss the 40K content on here or aren't all that interested in Infinity (why wouldn't you? Check it out now!:) ), here's some good ol' GW for you. I got to play my good friend David and an epic battle ensued between his Sentinels of Terra and my Tau.

Some background first: David is one of the original guys I started 40K with back in the mid-90's. Back then he was a powergaming Eldar player. But in more recent times he's sided with the Imperium of Man and is currently playtesting his Sentinels of Terra. Since we get to game very rarely nowadays, due to being grown up and responsible adults or whaddayacallit, every game is a big event for us. And it always feels like our first game - meaning no one remembers all the rules.

Anyways, here's some pictures of what went down:

Unfortunately, both our armies have still a way to go until they're fully painted.

Now for the game itself - we basically played 40K 6.5, meaning we use 6th ed rules, but have integrated 7th ed tactical objectives for less gunline action. The mission was "Big guns never tire" and the game went according to that - big explosions and lots of slaughter.

Our highlights were a nasty orbital bombardment that took out my Broadside, the Pathfinders who killed a Land Raider Crusader with EMP 'nades, teleporting Terminators killing said Pathfinders and the roll for 6th round.

The game went back and forth with me taking heavy losses in turn 2, but getting some good ol' revenge in turn 3. From there on out it was absolute mayhem and a blast to play. In the end, though, the Imperial Fists won a close victory, with 11:9 for grabbing another tactical objective in the last round and getting 2 measely marines into my area of deployment.

To be honest - the game was great! I love the insanity of Warhammer, it's like watching the last hour of Avengers 2 unfold on a tabletop. Thanks for the great game, David, I hope to do this again soon. Maybe with a more proper battle report.

As always, feel free to leave some comments and / or critique, it's always welcome!

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