PanOceania army: the light infantry

You might remember my first post about my PanO army, where I showed you my heavy and medium infantry. Here's the next part of it - introducing my Kamau and the fusiliers.

Let's start with the not so hot stuff - the old fusiliers. These are probably some of the most loathed sculpts among PanO players, released in the first PanO starter back in the mid 2000's. Their sculpts were a pain to paint, with one guy having a face so distorted, that I wasn't sure how to make it look good at all. We are talking about this guy here:

If it weren't for his beard, you guys would be running and screaming in terror by now - he's that hideous. The second fella wasn't all that great either, so he got 'bearded', too. Check out the sweet 70's moustache action:

Then there's the lady-soldier. Again, not the greatest sculpt, but what can you do, right? I also like some ethnical diversity among my soldiers, also keeping in line with PanO's fluff, so she ended up being a tad bit darker skinned than her fellow soldiers. 

It turns out they don't look halb-bad when painted. Of course they can't hold a candle to the newest sculpts, but to be honest, it could be worse (like old-GW-Nagash-Clown-sculpt worse).

Now, that you've suffered through my gallery of horrors, here's some pretty for you. The Kamau hacker - a "middle-aged" Infinity sculpt, not recent, but also not ancient - is sweet looking, but somewhat cheesy mini. I also bought it a couple of years ago, when I was on a shopping spree for whatever caught my eye. Loved painting her:

I'd be interested to hear from you - be it comments or critique. Also, let me know if you prefer the older sculpts or the newer ones. Feel free to open the can of worms that is 3D-sculpting. :)

Next up - the Hexa and the Father Knight.



  1. Great work Kenza, really nice PanO

  2. Thank you, glad you like it! I just checked out your blog - stunning tyranids, mate! Consider me subscribed. :)