Datasphere Painting Competition: WIP

There's a painting competition going on right now over at Data Sphere. All participants are supposed to paint a heavy infantry model in the next 3 months. Since competitions keep me motivated to paint, I decided to join.

I decided to go with my Authorized Bounty Hunter, an exclusive mini released with the 3rd edition ruleset (N3). I also decided to paint the fellow similar to the How-To that Corvus Belli studio painter and painting god in general Angel GiraldeZ showed in his painting book.

This is Angel's version, of course, not mine. I'll try to vary the colour scheme a bit - I'd actually like to go with a Briareos look from the recent Appleseed movie.

So he's supposed to look a little less bright and more like fighting in an urban combat zone. I started out with a basecoat of P3 Greatcoat Grey and GW Mechanicum Standard Grey, which I airbrushed on.
I then used GW Ulthuan Grey to spray some rough highlights. Unfortunately there were some problems with the airbrush, so I ended up with some sputtering. Damn.
Next time, I'll see if I can fix the sputtered highlight with some washing and glazing to get a smoother overall look.

So, stay tuned and let's see, if I cann pull off a sweet mini. :)


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