Role Play Convention 2015

Last weekend, I traveled to Cologne for RPC - the Role Play Convention 2016. Planning to play some Infinity, I already knew that Cons like these can also be dangerous as all hell to my wallet - I know Spiel last year was. I wasn't prepared for all the crazyness at RPC, though.

Turns out RPC is a big meeting place for all the LARPers and Cosplayers from the Rhineland area. So it didn't take long till I ran into the first Stormtroopers and a Snowtrooper. From there it got crazier and crazier, the crowd was a mix of Princesses, Manga Characters, Orcs, Hobbits, Elves, Pirates, Steampunk people and Star Wars Costumes. 

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't at least curious about buying some armour and getting in on that fun. I didn't though, since I really have no intention to spend a weekend running through the woods and playing Orcs & Elves. I unfortunately just don't have the intensity necessary for that.

But now onto what's really hot for a tabletop gamer like me. There were several cool display tables at RPC, which had me ooohing and aaahing with glee.

I'm used to cool looking Flames of War tables but had never seen the larger scale version of a BoltAction Table. Impressive!

There's also a huge Warmachine display. Since I am not all that familiar with the game and setting anymore, I can only assume this is supposed to be some battle with Menoth - those were the desert guys, right?

I also got a chance to see a live version of a CNC Workshop table. Damn, those are awesome. I had to buy that Tori (japanese gate), as I've been oogling that thing for a while now. Not having to pay shipping from OZ to Germany was a big incentive here. 

Ulisses had a nice display of several Infinity miniatures at their booth. That O-Yoroi TAG looked fantastic. 

I also got to play a nice little game of Infinity at the Micro Art Studio booth, which was great fun. Although I had some trouble concentrating on the game with loads of people in costumes walking by and looking awesome. The board was comprised entirely of the MAS stuff, of course, but that way I had an opportunity to check out their gaming mats up close. Very cool product, I also liked the look of their Wolsung game, which is more of a steampunky skirmish game, it seems.

I had a fun time and enjoyed it a lot. I think I'll sign up for 2016, too.

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