Data Sphere Painting Competition: Part 4

Welcome back to my work in progress posts for Data Sphere's current painting competition. This is part 4 of the series, where I paint the Infinity Authorized Bounty Hunter. There's only 2 and a half weeks left before the deadline end of May. But I'm close to being done.

This time I dealt with the details left to do: the rucksack, webbing, the gun and the visor. 

First I shaded the dark grey basecoat of rucksack and webbing, using GW Badab Black with some Abaddon Black added in for an even darker shade. This brought out all the details again. 

My highlights for the black parts are very similar to how I do black armour, only foregoing the last step, which seemed to bright for something like black nylon gear (or whatever that stuff is acutally made of, never checked mine).while going all the way up to pure white on the weapon. 

From there I moved on to the visor. I'd been trying to figure out, which colour to choose. Then I looked at the original concept art:

Purple it is, then, and it goes nicely with that green coat.

You think, we are done here, right? Nope. Now comes the important stuff - touch-ups. For most tabletop-quality minis, you can easily ignore this step. But if you are aiming for competition level or are just a pedantic, detail-obsessed nerd like me, this is pretty important. The black backpack and webbing, f'rex, seemed somwaht flat to me. So I grabbed some P3 Umbral Umber (a reddish brown) and some devlan mud, mixed a glaze and applied it to the black areas. For good measure, and some worn, sort-of used look, I also applied it to the gun. Much better! 

I then used pure white to go over some minor edges that I wanted to look crisper, did some minor devlan mud washes on the lower parts of most curved sections and the muscles and did some final blacklining.

So, the miniature itself is done. All there is to do...scrap that! One of the most important things of a miniature is left to do: the base. I'll tell you more about it in the final part of the series.

If you got any comments or questions, let me know! If you are curious about other entries into the competition, check the offical thread over on Data Sphere's forums. You'll find lots of great work and inspiration there.

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