Showcase: Infinity Authorized Bounty Hunter

Here it is - the finished Infinity Authorized Bounty Hunter for the Data Sphere Painiting Competition. I only fixed some minor mistakes and put him on the finished base. I enjoyed paining the mini - I hope, you do too. 

As today is the deadline, you'll already find a number of finished and jawdropping entries. So head over there, take a look and vote for your favourite mini! Best of luck to all the other participants!

EDIT: I've also posted the Bounty Hunter to Cool Mini or Not, if you feel like rating the guy.


  1. Wow man he looks brilliant, you have nailed it with the NMM armour! Good luck in the comp.

  2. Thanks, mate! Glad you like it - was quite a bit tricky to get right. Competition is pretty ace though, so I'm not sure how things will go for me. :)