Infinity May new releases

Infinity new releases are out! Seems like Corvus Belli is on a roll right now. The May line up includes minis for the following factions: PanOceania, Haqqislam, Combined Army, Nomads and Aleph. And boy, do they look great.

PanO gets a new release this month. After the resculpt of the Aquila Guard in April, May brings another new design for an old model: the Croc Man. While the pose might be a bit static, the mini looks badass. I need this one in my collection for sure.

Haqqislam also got some nice resculpts. Anyone remember the old Naffatûn? No? Yup, that's right, those were pretty old and not in line with the newer releases. So CB decided to redo them. They now come clad in what looks like heavy flak armour, in a box of 4. The more new stuff I see coming out of CB, the more I'm torn between picking Haqqislam or Ariadna as my next faction.

The Combined Army got another treat, continuing the new look from their current starter, with a new Umbra Legates, now in a running pose. Nice model, though I usually care more for anything Morat-related. 

Then there's the Nomads: You guys get a new Intruder with HMG. Nice aiming pose, looking cool in that vibrant red of the faction.

But wait, there's more. How about a hot librarian, all geared up for combat? I'm talking about Scylla and Drakios here, the new Aleph release. These two are your new NCOs for the Steel Phalanx:

That's May's releases in a nutshell. The Croc Man is a must-buy for my PanO forces and as mentioned above, Haqqislam is growing on me with every new release. I'm still holding off on any decision for a second faction until we get to see some USAriadna though.

What do you guys think? Got a favourite? Let us know in the comments below. 

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