Infinity June new releases

Corvus Belli Infinity the Game June new releases

Another month has gone by already. So Corvus Belli revealed a flurry of new Infinity releases which I don't wanna keep from you. Factions with new stuff in June were Ariadna, Yu Jing, Haqqislam, Tohaa and Combined Army.

Alright let's start with the probably biggest release for a lot of Infinity fans - the first new model for the upcoming USAriadna sectorial - the Hardcase with tactical bow. If you always wanted a mashup of Rambo 2 and Walker: Texas Ranger, well, here you go.
Hardcase Tactical Bow

Next up is a new Invincible sculpt for Yu Jing. This one is similar to the one released at the beginning of the year, but sporting a beefy HMC. Really love the pose with it's lumbering gait.
Invincible with HMC

The Tohaa get a new Igao with a Boarding Shotgun - I wish I could say more about him, but I have really no clue on that faction. I like the more action-oriented pose, makes him look pretty deadly and menacing.
Igao with Boarding Shotgun

The weirdest release this month, at least for me, is the Combined Army support pack. I know that CA has a variety of weird troops, but wow, here's their doctor and engineer, the Obsidon Mechanoid with two slave drones, essentially a big worm with 2 smaller ones.
Obsidon Mechanoid

Haqqislam take the last spot on this month's releases - a box set of Janissaries, consisting of 3 models and a tin-bot. They look pretty cool, making it harder and harder for me to choose a second faction, the two most serious contenders being the upcoming USAriadna and Aleph with a variety of awesome minis.
Haqqislam Janissaries

We are also getting closer and closer to GenCon 2015, which will supposedly feature the big launch of the USAriadna sectorial. Expect some abolutely lovely miniatures heading our way, folks!

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