Showcase: Tau Commander

Crisis suit commander urban

Time for another showcase, fellas! Here's my current Tau Commander in his crisis suit, at least until Games Workshop releases a resculpt of the XV-8s. This was my first crisis suit ever, so I decided to try out a couple of things with it.

As with most Tau players, I ended up converting the suit a bit. I cut some of the leg joints and repositioned them, added a fin / antenna on the top of it's head and also armoured the knee joints with shoulder guards from the Fire Warriors sprue.

Painting-wise, I wanted to set the commander apart from the line infantry and my Fireblade. I went for a greenish grey, similar to what I used on my stealth suits. I kept the purple lenses and orange markings to tie it in with the rest of the army, though.

Crisis suit commander urban
Crisis suit commander urban

I gotta admit - I wasn't a big fan of the design of the XV-8. Even the painting was challenging, with all those panel lines needing highlights. But once I had it sitting on my desk, finished, in all it's glory, I was surprised. The design had grown on me, the OSL on the plasma rifle and shield added a nice element to the overall look.

So, in the end, I'm quite happy with the result and enjoy fielding the commander. He's a pretty tough nut to crack on the tabletop, with his dark gritty look adding to his overall threat level.

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  1. Nice model Kenza, the glow from the rifle and the backpack/thrusters are particularly nice. The chipping works too, neither too much or too little.