Showcase: Tau Piranha

Have you missed my urban Tau? Don't worry - here's a new unit for you. My first Piranha and also the first real vehicle on this blog.

To be honest, I only bought the Piranha, because I had about 20 Euros that I wanted to spend on something new for my Tau. As most of you might know, there's not much you can get in that price range anymore. The Piranha is one of the few models, that's still pretty cheap. I wasn't a big fan of the design, but I thought, a nice speeding skimmer might be a cool addition to the army. 

Putting it together was pretty horrible - this might be due to the sprues being old as hell. The side panels wouldn't line up with the rest of the body and was driving me nuts. So I had to trim and file away like a lunatic, then go over the still visible seams with green stuff to make it look nice and smooth. Did I mention that I really don't like building models?

Anyways - painting it was a blast. This is one of the models I painted before I got my airbrush, so everything is done by standard brushwork. I also went for a weathered look, because my urban cadre should look like it's been through some fighting. 

The bottom line is: Now I love Piranhas. I've played a few games with it and that thing was a blast. I will get at least another one, although I'm dreading the building process. 


  1. I can't fault you on the building part, I've done one and had the exact same experience.

    The finished model looks grand tho. :)

  2. Would you mind sharing the color palette you are using for your Cadre?