New Teaser of "The Lord Inquisitor"

Today I got something different for you. As a 40K fluff nut, I can't help but promote the awesome fan video that is "The Lord Inquisitor".

In case you haven't heard of the project before, which means you might have been living under a rock, here's the gist of it:

A couple of years ago, 3D video artist Erasmus Brosdau started a little side project in his free time. He had decided to create his very own 40K short movie with a focus on the Inquisition. Centrepiece for this endeavour was his love for the miniature of Inquisitor Torquemada:

His render of the Lord Inquisitor is quite impressive:

GW actually approved the fan-made film and ever since then, Erasmus has been insanely busy, rendering all the models, environments and whatnot. Even better, Black Library author extraordinaire Aaron Dembski-Bowden, a personal favourite, signed up to write the script.

So far, the movie had two teasers released:

And this is it - the brand-new version of Inquisitor Marcus:

We'll get the prologue, meaning the first 4 minutes of the movie, sometime in 2016. The full 20 minute movie will follow the year after.

Are you hyped for it's release? I certainly am and salute Erasmus' efforts to manage such a huge project in his free time! 

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