New Teaser of "The Lord Inquisitor"

Today I got something different for you. As a 40K fluff nut, I can't help but promote the awesome fan video that is "The Lord Inquisitor".

Infinity October New Releases

After my absence for the past few months, Infinity Release posts are also back. Corvus Belli showed some incredible new stuff - if you're a TAG lover, there's no way around these news!

Showcase: PanOceania Joan of Arc

As previewed in the editorial last weekend, here's the showcase for one of my latest projects: the Infinity Limited Edition Joan of Arc.

Editorials, Showcases and Competitions

Hey everyone, I've been gone for a few weeks - work, some well deserved vacation and a case of annoying sickness had me caught up with personal life issues. Which doesn't mean I've stayed away from gaming and what's more important: Painting! So here's a quick run down of what's been going on, what I painted and a few teasers of what you can expect in the next two weeks.

Showcase: Tau Piranha

Have you missed my urban Tau? Don't worry - here's a new unit for you. My first Piranha and also the first real vehicle on this blog.

X-Wing Battle Reports

By now I'd assume most (tabletop) gamers have heard of the X-Wing miniatures game by Fantasy Flight Games. I recently played it with a friend and took a couple of pictures with the intention of doing a BatRep on it. Turns out, this is way harder than we thought.