What is Infinity?


For those of you not familiar with what Infinity is, here's a short summary:
Infinity is a tabletop skirmish game in a sci-fi cyberpunk setting. The game draws its look and feel from a wide variety of sources, like William Gibson's Neuromancer, Anime or even Mass Effect. The game itself breaks the mold of the classic "I go, you go" turn sequence. In Infinity it is always your turn.

That's right, you will always be the active player, due to the order and reactive order system created by Corvus Belli. What also sets it apart from 40K for example, is how heavily it relies on terrain. Infinity thrives on deadly ranged combat,which means that your little guys will die quickly to the enemy's shooting. Without cover you will be tabled in no time.

What's so appealing about this game?

Well, several factors got me into it.

1. The Minis

First of all, the minis are BEAUTIFUL! Don't believe me? Check this out:

2. Giant Robots

I am a sucker for giant robots - be it Gundams, BattleMechs or Appleseed's Guges. Infinity has TAGs, which are pretty close to Appleseed's slightly bigger than humans mechas.

3. Short game length

As much as I love Warhammer and 40K, sometimes you need a game that won't take a whole day to play. Most Infinity games I've played had a 3 turn limit, which amounts to somewhere between one and two hours. Setup is fast, with armies consisting of about 10 to 15 minis. 

4. The minis are insanely beautiful

Seriously, I can't overstate that!

5. The tables are stunning

With the amount of cover necessary for the game and the wide availability of cheap and cool MDF terrain, it is easy to create awesome gaming tables to play your game on:

6. The rules are free to download! 

Yup, you heard that right. You can get the newest edition of the rules on Corvus Belli's Infinity page. Too lazy to go there? Here's the link: Infinity Rules N3 English

So, as I mentioned in my last post, expect to see some cool Infinity stuff, as I keep painting my army (PanOceania) and building a table for the game.


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