PanOceania army - heavy and medium infantry

I've teased you about doing more Infinity stuff recently, but it's time to show some actually painted minis, right? Right. So I'm gonna show you some pics of what's been done so far...
 You might notice that there's a bunch of pretty old models among these. The reason: I've owned a copy of the PanO starter for years, but never got around to painting the minis. Now these old minis show their age, especially in comparison to the more recent sculpts. Still,  I thought they might be fine for trying my hand on the somewhat smaller scale of Infinity models and figure out the colour scheme, I might be comfortable with. 

I started out with the ORC trooper - the sculpt that originally got me to buy the starter: 

As I said, great sculpt that looks fine even now. Following the ORC, I decided to tackle my medium infantry - the Nisse and my two drop troopers, the Akali Commandos:

The Nisse was great fun and pretty easy, since the coat is covering most of the mini. But here was the first time I realized that I don't like the PanO rifles at all. Not only won't they ever be able to use that scope atop the weapon, they just look clunky. The HMGs of PanO though are pretty ace:

And here's the Drop troopers - I'm not all that happy with them, my painting could've been better. But I was rushing them and I was suffering from old brush syndrome, so the point wasn't good enough to get the fine lines I actually wanted.

In the next post I'll show you the Kamau hacker and my fusiliers, before we move on to the newer minis - the Hexa sniper and the Father Knight. For the latter, I'll provide you with a quick How-To article.

Hope you like the stuff. As always, you are very much welcome to leave comments and critique in the comments below. :)


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