Infinity April new releases

Wondering what Corvus Belli's new releases for April look like? They've got a stunning line up in store for us. The Aquila Guard, new 45th Highlander Rifles, the Kaeltar Specialists, the Fraacta Drop Unit and the awesome new Tiger Soldier.

First of all, PanOceania got a resculpt of the Aquila Guard, with updated looks more in line with the recent ORC Trooper sculpt:

Next up, they really delivered on the new Tiger Soldiers - that guy looks awesome. I love the tiger-esque faceplate:

The Combined Army got their own little treat with a nes Fraacta Drop Unit, a nice addition to the recent new starter pack for that faction: 

Then there's the release that Tom and Kip from Mayacast teased about on one of their recent shows - the Kaeltar Specialists for the Tohaa, along with their cute Pokemon-like little helpers:

And now for the real kicker - the new 45th Highlander rifle resculpts of Ariadna:

Notice something? Check out the guy with the sword. Here's another shot:

That is Connor MacLeod right there - THE Highlander. I'd say the box is a must buy for any Caledonia players out there. 

But there's one more release - Corvus Belli's partner Customeeple release a card deck for all the classified objectives in N3. The card designs look ace:

So that's it for April. I can't wait to see, what they got in store for us in May. Will we finally see Stingray-series TAGs? USAriadna? Can't wait!

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