Data Sphere Painting Competition: Part 3

Data Sphere's Infinity painting competition is drawing to a close by the end of May. Time to finish the Authorized Bounty Hunter for my PanOceania army.

As I mentioned in Part 1 of the competition posts, I wanted to go with a sort of Briareos look.

So I decided to go with a green jacket, black webbing and rucksack. I mixed up some P3 Wurm Green with some good ol' GW Catachan Green (two of my favorite colours) and started painting the coat.

To get a better idea of the overall look of the now decided colour scheme, I blocked in the dark grey for the black webbing, too. It consisted of my standard recipe of GW Abaddon Black and Mechanicum Grey.

Shading was up next. For green colours I tend to choose browns to create definition and shadows. A few grabs at my colour shelf and I had it: P3 Battlefield Brown, some GW Devlan Mud, some water and with a few dabs of my trusty washing brush (an old and battered Windsor & Newton Series 7 Size 1) I added some shade and got the details of the coat to pop out some. Important notes: never hurry those washes! Let them dry thoroughly, never let the shade pool in recesses too much and pull the shade from light to dark areas, so that most of the dark pigment will end up in the darkest areas of the mini.

Satisfied with the previous step, I moved on to the highlights. Using the basecoat, I applied a first thin coat, now moving from dark to light areas with the brush. Consecutively, more Wurm Green, then GW Sunburst Yellow and finally some P3 Menoth White Base were added to the mix. I used that last mix to very carefully highlight all the edges of the coat. 

The green turned out to be pretty bright. Aiming for a more military look, I mixed Catachan Green and water to get a darker green glaze and applied it carefully to the surface of the coat to tone the look down a bit. 

So, the coat is done and I'm pretty happy with the result. I ended up with a lighter version than originally intended, but that green still looks kinda striking. 

Part 4 will be about painting rifle and webbing. If I find enough time, I'll try to get to the base, too. Right now, everything looks like I'll make the deadline. If you are curious to see, what my competitors are up to, take a look here. There's lots of pretty cool entries to gawk at.

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