Showcase: Warhammer 40K Ork Nob

I figured I hadn't shown you my Ork Nob yet, that I entered in a painting competition of my local Games Workshop last year. So here it is - in my new sub-section Showcase!

Sometime last year, my local Games Workshop offered a painting competition each month during summer. Each one had a specific theme or unit entry as a topic. When they announced teh one for 40K infnatry models, I was all in. Looking at my pile of shame, I tried to figure out what model to do. I settled on an Ork Nob.

I've always loved Nobs - not only do they look cool. Their model kit also offers a ton of bitz to add variety to them. So I had a lot of fun painting it. To make it stand out a bit, I painted some hazard stripes as a freehand on the axe and tried to add a lot of character.

  I actually won that competition. The visitors of the store were the ones to decide, with one week time to hand in a vote. I wasn't sure if I had a chance, since I wasn't a regular and the voting was only semi-anonymous - most regulars knew, who had handed in what. Looking back, I had tons of fun painting the mini and enjoyed the challenge of the competition.


  1. A well deserved win, from the looks of it! The attention to detail on the metals stand out, as do the freehand.

    Did you tint the skin with red in the shadows, or is it just my screen/eyes that's wonky?

    1. Hey Rasmus, thanks for your comment and your kind words. I tend to use a red-brownish glaze on ork skin to give it more...uhm...lively tone. I usually use Scorched Brown or P3 Umbral Umber for the glaze - so no, it's definitely not your screen. ;)